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Pageant Songs Plus Songs From the Past


Traditional music of the Abenaki tribes in Maine

The Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot






Watie Akins was born in 1934 at Panawamskeag on the Penobscot reservation, near Old Town, Maine.  He moved from the reserve and was raised in Old Town, attended St. Joseph School and studied piano for three years.  He is self taught on the guitar. 

His father, of English, Cherokee and Choctaw descent was a postal worker and semi-professional musician with bands and orchestras of his own and was well known throughout Maine as a pianist, clarinet and saxophone player.  His mother was Penobscot and an active leading participant in the Indian Pageants for 40 years.

Educated at Northeastern University in Boston, with degrees in engineering, Watie spent 40 years as a Professional structural engineer in Massachusetts and Maine.  Upon his retirement in 1997, Watie studied and researched various cultural aspects of his tribe and consentrated on the traditional music of the Abenaki in Maine.

The work of Watie John Akins is offered in a CD with assistance of Lyn Pritchard.  Lyn is Mi'kmaq, Wampanoag and Scottish descent and presently lives in her ancestral land of New Brunswick, Canada on the wooded banks of the Miramichi River and enjoys working in the First nation communities with youth.


Watie John Akins / Autobiography





















This educational presentation of the music and language of the Algonquin people is available for fifteen dollars per CD plus postage to mail.

This is the first of a series of educational CD's Watie plans to produce.  To order CD's or to schedule a demonstration contact Watie Akins at: chimusums@hotmail.com or contact northeast american cultural resource with the information below.


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